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Legal News from Edward Harte LLP – 4th September 2015

5 Reasons Why Terms and Conditions Are Important

  1. Provide a framework for transactions and help to create certainty as to what is agreed. In the event a customer has breached the contract having robust Terms and Conditions to rely on may provide a solid base on which to defend a claim.
  2. Provide consistency between all business transactions, minimising any ambiguity as to the terms on which you and your client(s) contract on.
  3. Save valuable management time and money in bespoke negotiations as nonstandard terms can be incorporated which reflect the transactions of your business.
  4. Provide the opportunity for a business to impose its terms on the customer rather than entering into time consuming negotiations.
  5. Improve efficiency as with standard terms and procedures and with training, more junior staff can conclude transactions on behalf of the business. In turn, freeing up senior management time to concentrate on other matters.

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