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Company Law

Whether you are starting up as a partnership, sole trader or a limited company, or are an existing company you need timely, professional advice…

Company Law Advice

Company law advice is particularly important if you’re planning to start up a business as a sole trader, limited company or limited partnership. You’ll need some sound, professional legal advice on issues like company registration to ensure your business sets off on the right footing.

Our company law solicitors talk through the best type of structure for your business as well as how to deal with other professionals who can support you through the early stages of setting up and running a business.

Our company law department can incorporate your business with Companies House if you need to, and deal with issues like amendments and implications of memoranda and articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, and directors’ and trustees’ responsibilities. We’ll organise the necessary paperwork as well as policies and procedures for your business – from terms and conditions to commercial contracts, all of which can be essential for the smooth running and prudent management of your business.

We work with a broad range of clients of all types, from sole traders and partnerships, not-for-profits and charities to large corporates.

Company law advice for the times when things don’t go well

It’s better to get professional company law advice and deal with a problem early on when a solution can be easier to find, than later when relationships fail. We can help you make the right choices when business partnerships break down or a relationship between the partners starts to become an issue.

We offer expert advice on all of the following areas of company law:

  • company formation and business start-up
  • the purchase and sale of businesses and commercial premises
  • directors’ responsibilities and requirements
  • agency and joint venture agreements and structures
  • partnership advice and dissolution
  • charity formation
  • advice for shareholders and shareholder’s agreements

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