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Settlement agreements -employment law

If your employer is ending your employment and has offered a settlement agreement, we can help you decide what to do.

Settlement agreements are a legally binding contract and are used to resolve disputes when a relationship has broken down and both parties want to part ways without resorting to the courts.

We don’t automatically approve or rubber stamp your settlement agreement, we consider the settlement sums and specific terms presented based on your individual circumstances and if you should be considering alternative steps rather than accepting what has been offered. We have the capacity to turn settlement agreements around very quickly and appointments can be made on the same day of enquiry.


For the purposes of a settlement agreement you are treated as a private paying client, generally your employer will make a contribution towards your legal fees and in most cases your employer will be invoiced directly. However, if you are required to contribute, you shall be kept informed right from the start and throughout your matter.

Our friendly, experienced and approachable team can help by:

  • Advising if the settlement sums provide you with realistic terms and appropriate compensation;
  • Negotiating further on your behalf to maximise the settlement sums such as advising on your annual leave and notice pay entitlement;
  • Making sure you don’t miss out on any eligible bonus or commission scheme;
  • Consider any post termination restrictions and negotiate on your behalf so you are free to work elsewhere without restriction;
  • Negotiate bespoke clauses as we recognise a standard worded settlement agreement may not fit your specific circumstances;
  • Having many years of experience in attending to settlement agreements and fully qualified to sign off your agreement;
  • Holding your signature to order so settlement agreements can be concluded quickly.

If you would like to know more or if you have a settlement agreement, contact us on 01273 662750 or email Yasmin Govan on ygovan@edward-harte.co.uk


I had the pleasure lately to work with one of the solicitors at Edward Harte, this was a stressful and worrying personal situation but as she was very calm, clear and personable from the beginning it made me feel so at ease and everything was so much easier to understand as the legal part can be overwhelming. She didn’t make me feel any question was a pain to ours so I understood everything from beginning to the end.  I would highly recommend the company and will be using them again without hesitation...

– A client.