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Commercial Law & Civil Litigation

Dispute advice

Commercial Law & Civil Litigation

We have considerable experience dealing with wide-ranging commercial law and civil litigation disputes at all levels including the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court…

Commercial Law & Civil Litigation

Civil litigation deals with disputes between individuals or organisations in which compensation can be awarded to the injured party. Commercial law work includes advising companies and organisations regarding business to business disputes and business to consumer disputes.

Our civil litigation and commercial law team advise clients about:

  • contract disputes
  • debt recovery (costs information can be found here)
  • loan agreements
  • consumer law
  • return of goods
  • unfair contract terms
  • contentious probate claims i.e. disputing wills or claiming against estates and trusts

Our civil litigation and commercial lawyers assist in drafting bespoke documents such as:

  • terms of business
  • terms and conditions
  • contracts
  • website terms and conditions and acceptable use policy
  • website privacy policy
  • website cookies policy
  • statutory declaration
  • change of name deed
  • declaration of trust
  • witness statement

Legal Agency Services

We act as agents on a wide range of legal applications and hearings in Brighton County Court and others throughout Sussex:

  • possession proceedings – mortgage/residential
  • return of goods/consumer credit
  • bankruptcy
  • charging orders/orders for sale
  • settlements for children
  • setting aside default judgments
  • summary judgments and strike out applications
  • variations of payments under a judgment
  • allocation, direction hearings and case management conferences
  • family hearings
  • clerking


Franchising advice for Franchisors:

  • exclusive and non-exclusive franchise agreements
  • master franchise agreements
  • franchise business sale agreements
  • franchise commitment agreements
  • franchise variation agreements
  • sales and re-sales to existing and new franchisees
  • breaches of franchise agreements
  • negotiation and dispute resolution

Franchising advice for Franchisees:

  • franchise agreement review
  • breaches of franchise agreement
  • exiting and re-selling the franchise
  • negotiation and dispute resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our commercial law and civil litigation solicitors, strongly believe in using all forms of alternatives to help our clients and other involved parties resolve their differences and negotiate a settlement. This can include informal discussions or formal mediation and arbitration.  These are all designed to give a quicker, less costly, less confrontational and less stressful way of resolving civil litigation claims.

For more information or to book a reduced fixed fee consultation please telephone Samantha Dawkins on 01273 662756, or email her at sdawkins@edward-harte.co.uk or click here.