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Legal News from Edward Harte LLP – 8th February 2012

Fraudsters Be Warned – Land Registry seeks to protect Landlords and Non Resident Home Owners

The Land Registry have recently taken steps to introduce a 6 month cheap mlb jerseys initiative to aid property owners in protecting their empty or tenanted properties being sold cheap nba jerseys or mortgaged fraudulently. Non resident or absent property owners are being encouraged to register Memorabilia a new Form LL restriction against the title to cheap jerseys free shipping their property for which there is no land registry fee. The restriction requires a conveyancer’s Harte certificate confirming that person selling or mortgaging the property is the true owner.  This will provide invaluable protection to Landlords and indeed owners living abroad or in care homes or where properties have Legal been left empty as they are the amongst the most likely to fall victim to fraud.

The new procedure for safeguarding property is subject to a 6 month trial period but is not appropriate to use for owner cheap nba jerseys occupiers, Legal corporate Landlords, commercial premises or His developments.

If you require any further information please contact Teachers Ms M Nagra in our property team.